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Abu Dhabi

Whether you're preparing for a trip to Abu Dhabi or if you're already in the EMIRATE, this segment offers a plethora of valuable details to assist you in maximizing your experience during your stay.


Abu Dhabi boasts a meticulously organized network of roads, facilitating effortless navigation within the emirate. Locals and visitors commonly use recognizable landmarks as reference points for providing directions.


Renowned for being one of the most secure cities globally, Abu Dhabi offers a nearly crime-free setting and efficiently managed emergency services that will ensure your tranquility and a serene sojourn.

Getting Around UAE

Public transportation in the UAE has some of the best-laid plans to suit all pockets and lifestyles.

  • Abu Dhabi Airport to Abu Dhabi City (Island) – 20 minutes for USD35.
  • Local transportation within Abu Dhabi Island – USD0.50 cents per trip.


Visas are easily available for all Nationalities and over 70 countries have visa-free travel. Easy online visa process for pre-approved visas.


From its rich historical roots to its modern cosmopolitan landscape, Abu Dhabi embraces and celebrates its multiculturalism. Over 200 Nationalities are living in Abu Dhabi, UAE


This authentic Arabian culture and heritage blend is reflected in its cuisine, arts, festivals and daily interactions, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere that warmly welcomes people from all corners of the globe.

More About Abu Dhabi

Nature & Adventure

An exciting journey through nature’s wonders awaits at every turn, encompassing magnificent sand dunes, vibrant mangrove forests, oceanic islands and verdant oases amidst the desert landscape. Click for more.


The city’s diverse dining scene caters to every palate, from lavish fine-dining establishments in luxurious hotels to charming street-side eateries serving authentic Emirati delicacies. Click for more.

Sun & Sea

From a tranquil white shoreline in close proximity to the city, a family-oriented getaway on a secluded island to a lavish retreat on an opulent boutique private island, there’s a beach experience tailored to your desires. Click for more.


Throughout the year, Abu Dhabi offers an abundance of choices for relaxation and an extensive calendar of events and entertainment that spans across various regions, including the vibrant Abu Dhabi city, the cultural hub of Al Ain, and the picturesque Al Dhafra Western Region. Click for more.

Culture & Heritage

The foundation of Abu Dhabi’s culture lies in the Islamic traditions of the region. This cultural ethos blends global influences with a steadfast commitment to preserving local heritage, creating a hospitable capital city that beautifully juxtaposes elements of modernity and tradition. Click for more.


Engaging in shopping can be considered a beloved national activity in Abu Dhabi, largely due to the presence of numerous fantastic malls and traditional souks (markets) scattered throughout the city. Click for more.

Tolerant Society

Abu Dhabi is a people-centric city that invests in its citizens’ happiness and well-being. It ranks among the top destinations because of the quality of life and services offered and is voted as one of the best and safest places in the world. Click for more.

Multicultural Community

The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities all with different cultural backgrounds and a myriad of languages. By harnessing all the advantages that an inclusive, international community can bring, the UAE has made giant strides in technology, trade, education, science, diplomacy and more. Click for more.

Abrahamic Family House

The Abrahamic Family House welcomes people to connect, explore, and reflect. We serve to deepen understanding of our common humanity through mutual dialogue, exchange of knowledge, and the practice of faith. Click for more.


Beach Rotana Hotel

An award-winning city 5-star resort with a prime waterside location and an enviable selection of modern leisure, dining and business facilities, Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi is much more than a hotel; it is a one-of-a-kind destination.

This iconic five-star property, which is popular among discerning business and leisure travellers, as well as UAE residents, is an urban retreat with something for everyone.


Sea view rooms with balcony:

Single Occupancy USD 155

Double Occupancy USD 166

Accommodation Includes
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Rates and taxes
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Private Beach
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